About Us 1Quinn Travel Services just celebrated 23 years in Katy, TX. We’re not just an impersonal website. We’re real, live people, providing our clients with awesome vacations. We are professional vacation planners, experts when you need an expert. We do the planning, arranging, and coordinating; you enjoy the fruits of our service.

Travel is such an awesome privilege. I always have believed that. As I was growing up, we took family vacations together, mostly to the beach. It was our quality time together. While in college, I was offered an opportunity for a free trip to London. What an opportunity, but I didn’t have a passport! I would love to have gone!

Well, it was a happy day when some years later I finally got a passport, and I began to travel to London and beyond.

Then when I had a family, we began to travel abroad frequently. At some point, the souvenirs became less important and the experience, the culture absorption, and the friends we met became primary. Quinn Travel was born out of our love of travel and a desire to share our experience to help others.

Three years ago, I began to have knee issues. Finally, I had knee surgery. Thanks to God’s blessing and a wonderful doctor, I was able to continue my travels. Why am I sharing this? (Remember, I like sharing what I learn.) We never know what life will throw at us, so I learned that it’s time to get moving and take those trips. I need to make my “someday” now. I have wonderful memories of every trip I’ve ever taken, and I’m not ready to stop making new ones.

I thank each of you, my clients, for giving me a reason, beyond my own passion for travel, to get out there, learn, and absorb all I can so that I can make your travel experiences absolutely awesome as you make your “someday” now.

About Us 2My love of travel began with riding the rails on steam powered trains with my grandmother, who worked for the railroad.

And now, following careers in teaching (my favorites – history and geography) and petroleum engineering, I’ve returned to my first love, and found real joy in helping other mature professionals pursue dreams of exploring ancient civilizations, trekking along world-class fjords, or discovering the specialty at a swim-up bar in a fabulous beach resort. The possibilities are far greater than our dreams.

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