How Long Do Your Vacations Last?

How long did your recent vacation trip really last?   Of course two weeks go by in a flash; one week is the blink of an eye.   But I’m not talking about duration.   Special events and travel will be measured in the memories that you bring back—the telling and retelling of stories, bragging about finding a special bargain, or reliving an unexpected experience like climbing the Great Wall.


I just celebrated a milestone birthday (the kind that marks another decade), and it got me thinking about how my favorite memories are related to travel.

When I was a kid a typical family vacation was a week in a rented cottage in Atlantic City or Wildwood, NJ.   In our youthful years, my brothers and I would rent bicycles for early morning  and ride on the boardwalk.   We could cruise along, unhindered by crowds, relishing a moment without cares.   A stop for some saltwater taffy helped too.   We can laugh now about the time we packed up our beach towels and sand buckets and headed the few blocks to our house without our youngest brother, Bill, who was hardly more than a toddler at the time.   When we discovered he was missing,  I was filled with thoughts of giant waves and hungry sharks—but we found Bill on the boardwalk watching a merry-go-round without a care in the world.


A few decades later I had a family, and we were living in Southern California, not far from my brother Dick. As my parents’  50th anniversary approached.  It happened that Dick’s in-laws’ golden anniversary would occur at about the same time.  We wanted both couples to have a grand celebration together with us.  However, my mother was reluctant to make a commitment to a cross-country trip.  Her excuse was she hadn’t received an invitation.

That’s when we devised a fictitious “Quintet Tours” and produced an extensive travel brochure which detailed all the marvelous events that they would experience on their all-expense paid trip.  It worked.  In the months leading up to the double anniversary, we produced t-shirts, wrote a welcoming song, and arranged for a grand celebratory dinner complete with old 8-mm family movies. We even included a trip to Disneyland and dinner atop the Bonaventure Hotel where we could view Fourth of July fireworks from all over the Los Angeles basin.

We have great memories from every trip we’ve taken, and I’m sure you do as well.  At Quinn Travel Services, we find great joy in custom designing fabulous, inclusive experiences to generate long-lasting happy memories for you, your children, and even your grandchildren.  So take advantage of our experience by making us the first stop for your next memorable journey.

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