Hurricane Harvey – My View and My Story

We were all impacted this week by Hurricane Harvey.  A tragedy, a crisis, a disaster brings out the good in some people and the bad in others.   While some are rescuing others using their own boats, volunteering at shelters, preparing food, or taking in displaced persons, others are looting cars and breaking into abandoned homes.

Cars Submerged in Parking Lot
Terry attended a meeting updating on the status of aid in Katy.  The Lance Hindt, KISD Superintendent reported on the National Guard using Katy High School as its command post for its area wide rescue mission. This was followed by Katy Police Chief, William Hastings, who reported that state troopers and police from other areas were coming in to provide much needed additional protection to keep people and their property safe.

This week, Saturday through Wednesday, I was stranded in a hotel near Hobby Airport where I intended to spend one night prior to an early flight out on Sunday.  During the night I received several alerts on my phone, one from Southwest Airlines telling me my flight was canceled.  I awakened to see water completely surrounding the hotel.   The hotel was dry and had electricity, but no one could leave due to high water.   Many had cars submerged in the parking lot.  (I did not.)

Strangers became friends in that hotel over the next few days.   They shared conversation, news reports, food, and played cards in the lobby.   They were families with babies, small children, and teens, couples who had arrived at Hobby with anticipation of taking a cruise out of Galveston, in-transit travelers who had an overnight layover and intended to continue home.  They were hotel employees who could not get home, employees of other local businesses, and TSA officials from the airport to name a few.   Over time all met up in the lobby or breakfast room and shared their stories. It was great fodder for a book, really.  Neither the TV or the wifi worked.   It was a stressful time for all.
On day four, I saw a member of the National Guard eating breakfast, so I approached him and asked if he was here to rescue us.  He replied, “Yes, Ma’am, I am.”   I told him how grateful we were to have him and thanked him for the sacrifices he made to come and help us.   I walked away with tears in my eyes… it was a bit overwhelming to me.
First Ray of Sun After Harvey From My Hotel Window
Wednesday, the sun came out, and Terry was able to come to the hotel to “rescue” me.   I hugged the hotel staff as I left.  We had become good friends in a few days.

We all have our stories to tell, and mine is very mild compared to many.  However, as I think over the events of the last week and anticipate those of the weeks to come, it occurs to me that the good immensely outweighs the bad.   There are many heroes in this city, some will make the evening news, most will not.  The heroes are the ones who are there helping others in whatever capacity, newsworthy or not.

I saw them at the hotel.  I saw people who did not complain when pickings at breakfast were far less than normal.  Instead, they were thankful to have something to eat.  I saw a young couple who shared their vegetables and chicken by making a stew and offering it to anyone who wanted some. Others donated their extra food to whoever needed it.    Small compared to guardsmen flying helicopters to rescue people, but it’s kindness that is very much needed and appreciated also.
My Knight In a Truck Rescues Me
As the days of recovery stretch out before us, let’s all be heroes to those around us, in any small way we can.  Donate, volunteer, help with cleanup, whatever comes your way.   Be a hero in your neighborhood!

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