How Can You Find Quality Family Time?

I’ve heard that families that play together, stay together.    A family vacation is the perfect way to assure you have some time to play together.


Multigenerational travel is very popular these days.  When Grandma, Grandpa, Mom and Dad, and the grandchildren take a trip together, it builds family unity and allows lasting memories to be created.  More and more, Grandma and Grandpa are realizing it’s more important to leave memories than to leave money as they ask, “Will my grandkids remember me?”

When planning a multigeneration vacation, the question is, how do we keep everyone happy?  Will there be enough for everyone to do since the interests are so diverse?   A really easy way to keep everyone happy is to decide to take a cruise.   There is literally something for everyone to do whether on the ship or on the shore.  Most grandparents and parents agree that nothing makes them happier than seeing the children happy and having a good time.


It’s important to select a ship that is family-oriented, because there is so much to do on board…. a climbing wall,  fabulous workout and spa areas, educational classes, kids camp, dance lessons, The son of one of my clients, pictured above, thoroughly enjoyed himself trying out the surfing machine on board Royal Caribbean.  What grandparent would not enjoy watching their grandchildren try this new sport?   Below, children are interacting with Dora the Explorer on Norwegian Cruise Line.


Ashore, adventures abound, depending on your destination.    Learn about past cultures with a visit to one of the Mayan ruins in Mexico or an ancient temple in Greece.  Walk on a glacier in Alaska.  Experience nature by visiting a turtle farm in the Cayman Islands.    Spend a day on a lovely beach just having sun and fun. Take an island tour and visit a plantation.  Go river rafting or zip lining.   Do some shopping.  Sit in the town square and absorb the local culture. There is something for everyone.

We are embarking on Princess Cruise Line this week in San Francisco for our family vacation.  Terry and I, our daughter and her husband, and our teenage grandchildren will all be having quality family adventures together as we sail north along the Inside Passage of Alaska.    We will write future articles on the ship itself and on the ports of call.


We look forward to helping you and your family get together when you are ready to make family plans.  Do keep in mind that it is important to plan ahead when you are taking vacations that are scheduled around the school year, as it’s a popular time to travel.


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