It’s true. Pigs can fly! But should they? Traveling with Pets.

For some people, leaving their pet at home when they travel is not an option. And the airlines are required to make reasonable accommodation for service animals and “emotional support” animals. We’re all familiar with service animals; dogs that assist the blind, etc. But what animals provide emotional support, and who needs it? Well, quite […]

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Why Did TSA Inspect My Bag?

The relationship of travelers with TSA can be a love/hate relationship.  We all love the safety they provide, and at the same time we hate the hassle.    In many cases, TSA procedures are reactions to attacks, some successful and some not.   For example, take off your shoes is a reaction to an attempt to bomb […]

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What To Do When Your Luggage Does Not Arrive

What To Do When Your Luggage Does Not Arrive As a travel agent in Katy TX, I was thrilled to be invited on a trip to Peru.  My flight was the last one to arrive in Lima before they closed the runway for repairs that night. Immigration formalities went smoothly, and then on to pick […]

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