Hurricane Harvey – My View and My Story

We were all impacted this week by Hurricane Harvey.  A tragedy, a crisis, a disaster brings out the good in some people and the bad in others.   While some are rescuing others using their own boats, volunteering at shelters, preparing food, or taking in displaced persons, others are looting cars and breaking into abandoned […]

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How Can You Find Quality Family Time?

I’ve heard that families that play together, stay together.    A family vacation is the perfect way to assure you have some time to play together.   Multigenerational travel is very popular these days.  When Grandma, Grandpa, Mom and Dad, and the grandchildren take a trip together, it builds family unity and allows lasting memories to be created.  […]

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It’s true. Pigs can fly! But should they? Traveling with Pets.

For some people, leaving their pet at home when they travel is not an option. And the airlines are required to make reasonable accommodation for service animals and “emotional support” animals. We’re all familiar with service animals; dogs that assist the blind, etc. But what animals provide emotional support, and who needs it? Well, quite […]

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