7 Features Travelers Want Most in Airports


Ease in getting through airport security.  We all hate long lines and delays.  I highly recommend you sign up for either TSA PreCheck or Global Entry to allow you to pass through security without having to remove shoes, light-weight jackets, and computers from your carry-on bag.  The line is much shorter, especially at holiday travel times when airports are crowded.   It’s fun to breeze through security and spend the time with a coffee latte at Starbucks instead!


Free wifi.  Both Houston airports have this now.  In my recent experience I found logging in was very easy and the wifi worked very well.


Power charging stations.  Many airlines now offer outlets and even computer tables in their gate areas as a convenience to flyers.  Power outlets are often located under seats on newer aircraft as well.  Bush Airport’s recent upgrades included extensive outlets at the newer eateries.
To be safe, always carry a portable charger with you.  Last year I was in Cancun Airport on my way home, when my cell phone needed charging.  There wasn’t an outlet anywhere to be found, and I’d forgotten my portable charger. There weren’t any outlets on the airplane either.  However, I was able to borrow a charger from a flight attendant.  Whew!  (How did we live without cell phones!)
Cleanliness.  It goes without saying that we expect the airport to be clean.  However, we do have to cut the airport some slack on really busy travel days, as it’s hard to keep up with the flow of people.   It doesn’t hurt us to pick up after ourselves and leave our seats clean for the next traveler.



Variety of food options.  There are times when we just want to grab something quick on our way to our flight. When we have more time, we enjoy being served in a nice restaurant.  I like to sit near a window and watch the planes come and go.

Proximity of the airport to public transportation.  I love flying into San Francisco or Oakland airports to visit my daughter.  We can take the train from the airport to within walking distance of my daughter’s house.  Very nice!   I like that they don’t have to drive a long distance to pick us up.

Relaxing atmosphere.   If your gate seems crowded and you have awhile to wait, why not go to a gate where no one is.  There you can wait in relative quiet.   Browse in the shops.  I especially like the book stores as I don’t normally have a lot of time to look at books, so this is fun for me.    A friend has a travel ritual where she always goes to Starbucks’s, gets coffee and then sends a selfie to her niece…it’s sort of like waving goodbye!


Charlotte Airport offers rocking chairs along one of the main concourses.  It’s a really homey touch in a very modern concrete and glass environment!

Enjoy your time at the airport and give us a call when you are ready to travel the world. We’re here to help!

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